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Dec 04

Get to know Bootstrapping in Entrepreneurship

Bootstrapping is a term used to describe a variety of different methods to avoid the use of the financial resources of external investors. Bootstrapping can be defined as “a set of methods used to minimize the number of external debt and equity funding is needed from banks and investors.” The use of private credit card …

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Nov 22

10 Novels Contains About Entrepreneurship

A thousand roads lead to Rome. Likewise, how can we turn in the study of entrepreneurship. There are many roads. One of them is to use literary works as the novel as a unique learning tool. If you believe that a work of literature can not increase the knowledge entrepreneurship You, maybe it’s because you …

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Sep 09

Examining the pros and cons of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Israel

Throughout the Decade of the 1990s, when Silicon Valley is experiencing the most rapid growth, many studies underway to formulate a potent formula in building ecosystems that support for the growth of a new entrepreneur. The answer is a variety of things such as the role of universities and similar higher education institutions active in …

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Jul 14

Entrepreneurial Advice from 7 Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was a famous lecturer and author and developer of the very popular courses in the field of self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, interpersonal skills, and public speaking skills. Carnegie wrote his first book, entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People“. The book was a best seller and influenced the minds of many readers. …

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Jul 12

Get To Know The Social Entrepreneurship

A term which began often heard recently is a social entrepreneur. In simpler language, the people it aims to produce ‘ social value ‘, rather than profit and using traditional business principles to create and manage a venture to make social change. From the outside, it looks like a young entrepreneur who wanted to build …

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Jul 05

The Characteristics Of The Creative Entrepreneur

Creativity is an important element in the identity of a young entrepreneur. Without it, innovation will not be generated. For those of you who feel lacking creativity, don’t worry because its creations can be trained and developed. Among so many characteristics, we can find some common owned by creative entrepreneur. Some of the most notable …

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Jul 03

Uncertainty Which Should be Faced Entrepreneur by Frank H. Knight

Economist Frank H. Knight wrote a book titled “Risk Uncertainty and Profit” which is based on his dissertation at Columbia University. In his book, detailing the differences Knight economic risks and uncertainties. In his book, he classifies three types of uncertainty: 1. Risks: Risks that can be measured statistically (such as the probability of taking …

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Jul 01

Entrepreneur Still Need Lecture

Many people are obsessed with becoming an entrepreneur then left college after reading the success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many successful businessmen who drop out in their youth. But, you know higher education for an entrepreneur to finish still better for an entrepreneur than none at all? A recent study from the …

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Jun 28

Six Risks For Which Deciding To Be Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often depicted with innovative people who can build his own business. They are said to have its own character such as personality, work ethic and charisma different. Becoming an entrepreneur also has risks. So what are the risks? Here’s his review: 1. Taste No Less Confident Not cocky, but confident. As you see it-even, …

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Jun 25

Character Of An Entrepreneur

In order to succeed, an entrepreneur must have the characters a particular behaviours. Therefore, an entrepreneur is human choices appearing different than most humans. They certainly have advantages-advantages. Geoffrey g. Meredith, an economist with the world posited characteristics that should belong to a successful entrepreneur. These characters include: * Believe in yourself An entrepreneur must …

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