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Jun 18

Entrepreneurship particular concern to the university in Developing Countries

There are so many ways in which people learn entrepreneurship . But if it can be grouped then there would only be two kinds of ways to learn entrepreneurship ; that is self-taught and formal way . How to self-taught learning process that involves unstructured . While on the contrary , in a formal environment …

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Jun 15

The rise of Entrepreneurship Program in Canada

Lately, a growing number of prospective students who expressed interest in entering the world of entrepreneurship. Start of students who are still attending school, working professionals with many years of work experience, international corporate executives, fresh graduates, freelance, to entrepreneurs who want to expand their network in North America. They come from very varied backgrounds …

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Jun 12

11 Most Inspirational Quotes from Bill Gates to Students

This is 11 Most Inspirational Quotes from Bill Gates to Students : The World does not care about your self-esteem . The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel self-respect. You will not make $ 60 thousand per year directly from high school. You can not be a co-leader with a car …

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Jun 07

This is the Happiest University in the U.S.

Texas A & M University campus has been named as the happiest in the entire United States. The assessment is based on a number of factors , such as freshmen retention rate , according to the Daily Beast revealed in a report . The Daily Beast said it examined the statistics for the retention rate …

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Jun 05

Tips Use Video For Effective Learning

In today’s connected world, students are increasingly comfortable using video to communicate in their personal lives. From using Facetime to keep in contact with families at home to connecting via Google Hangout with friends studying abroad, students are coming into the classroom with a rich skill set of video collaboration methods, often without knowing it. …

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Jun 02

5 Ideas To Help You Go from Twitter

Many teachers are being encouraged to join Twitter by colleagues who find it an invaluable asset in their teaching. If you have recently signed up it’s natural to spend some time exploring Twitter and its usefulness as a Personal Learning Network (PLN). But there comes a time when the lurking in the shadows – being …

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