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Mar 28

Change The Hobby Into a Successful Business

Martha Steward, CEO of Martha Steward Living known as an icon in the culinary field and home decor. Did you know, that she get success from the hobby? At the age of adolescence, Martha often taught cooking and organizing the House by his mother, while his father gives him the science of gardening. Martha ever …

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Mar 18

4 Tips on Starting a Business From Brand HighPomp

Setting up a business it takes creativity and is not afraid to face a challenge. As an entrepreneur, you have to dig the concept and wild ideas to launch efforts to run in accordance with expectations. Starting a business can not be done in a random, due to the need to pay attention to the …

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Mar 14

Tips Not Fail When Doing Business

To run a business is not as easy as we imagine. There must have been only failure and obstacles you will encounter. Indeed, failure is not the end of everything. Even the failures thus can become root before your business grow large and experienced development. The following three tips so that your new live business …

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Jan 07

How to make the structure of the Ideal Team for Our Startup?

One of the questions most frequently asked by friends who would set up a startup or in the initial phases of establishment of startup is how making the ideal structure for a startup? Every time that I always get questions answered, customize with our startup needs, instead of wearing a structural position to approach first. …

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Jan 05

Negative Gross Margin Of Startups

Fred Wilson, a Venture Capitalist from US which talk about negative gross margin of startups in Silicon Valley. Recently in silicon valley there is talk about a company that is growing fast with high valuations will face problems in the next few years. Bill Gurley, a well-known silicon valley investor, saying “I think we’ll see …

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May 05

PillPack Want to Simplify Patient Ordering Prescription Drugs

PillPack, startup presenting medication delivery services online from New Hampshire, continues to expand. They are now present in 47 states in the land of Uncle Sam after receiving the approval of the authorities to allow consumers ordering prescriptions, general medicine and vitamins from the new service. Uniquely, PillPack has a number of insurance schemes that …

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