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Nov 03

What Is A Startup? How The Development Of The World Of Business Startup

What is a Startup? Probably still a lot of people who have not understood the term. The Word Startup means the Act or process of starting a new organization or business venture. According to Wikipedia, the Startup referred to a company that not long ago. These companies are largely a new company was founded and …

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Sep 12

How to Prepare To Establish Startup

One day Steve Wozniak, not Jobs – when playing in the Homebrew Computer Club invented a device that ultimately created the word “Personal Computer.” This time it was Steve Jobs – then keen to market the device, first he asked his boss at the time at Atari, Nolan Bushnell, to fund and rebuffed. Mike Markkula …

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Nov 07

Glossary of terms in the world of Startup

You now want to start selling or even being pioneering business. Of course, in the lead it is you must have a vast business network. Here are some recipes that you can do to build your business network. Do not be so shy The startup world have shared the term confusing to the novice entrepreneur. …

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